Clio Vanderbilt

Queen of Thieves


Spooky: Beast
Family: Ugallu
Age: 16
Height: 5’3
Build: Extremely slightly built, even for her size. Looks extremely quick, but like she would have trouble benching 70 pounds.
Hair: Black, slightly longer than shoulder length, slightly frizzy. Doesn’t look like she pays a massive amount of attention to it
Clothing: Normally jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt, always complemented by a surprisingly nice jacket (with a conspicuous Gucci label)
Notable Features: Has an everpresent swagger that looks a bit out of place on someone as physically unimposing as she is. Wears a metal flask on her hip whenever shes outside Oakwood. Also has (fairly light) freckles. Has extremely deep and piercing deep blue eyes, and has a tendency to keep eye contact slightly more than is natural. It’s unclear if these are new developments, or something she’s been doing all along that have just recently become more noticeable.


-Originally from Boston
-Ended up in the care of her Aunt and Uncle after her parents vanished
-Ended up in Oakwood when she turned out to be entirely too much for either of them to handle
-known to suffer from kleptomania and moderate to severe impulse control problems

Clio Vanderbilt

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