Oakwood Academy

General Information

Oakwood is a boarding school for k-12 students with extenuating circumstances. Many of students at Oakwood are wards of the state. Most of those who are not attend Oakwood because their behavior has gotten them removed from regular public schools and their legal guardians find them unmanageable. The main school building was once a large manor house that has been converted into dormitories and classrooms. A few additional buildings have also been constructed on the estate as the school has expanded over time.


Starting around the early 1950s, Oakwood was a school run by and for mages. The school was founded by an Obrimos of the Free Council known as Adrianus Burke, and his companions Janice Black and Ricki Pierce.

Spooky Basement

Basement Then
Basement Now (To be Completed)

The basement of Oakwood is host to a nexus which functions as both a spirit locus and a hallow. The basement area was not renovated when the rest of the school was converted from a mage school into what it is today, due to magical warding preventing sleepers from noticing its presence. Since the basement’s re-discovery by SPOOP, it has been outfitted with fresh wards.

Oakwood Academy

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