• Clio Vanderbilt

    -Originally from Boston -Ended up in the care of her Aunt and Uncle after her parents vanished -Ended up in Oakwood when she turned out to be entirely too much for either of them to handle -known to suffer from kleptomania and moderate to severe …

  • Michael Teague Hallman

    -Mother abandoned him at his aunt's place when he was 12, never knew his father. -Aunt turned him out on the street when he was 13 where he made his money by being a drug runner during the intervening 4 years. -Brought in for breaking curfew when he was …

  • Leon Chevalier

    -Born and raised in New York City -Originally went to a private school before Oakwood -Bit off part of a bully's face after getting really fucking pissed -Dad is an executive for a fortune 500 company -Mom is a reality "star" -Makes non- …

  • Olivia Lung

    Cantonese-American teenager who previously lived with both parents. She's the youngest of four siblings, both of which are currently working on their careers in the States, Europe, and Asia. While her parents together maintained a successful accounting …

  • Elise

    -Has a cat-spirit as a familiar, named [[:salem | Salem]] -Known to be a compulsive lar -Known for her biting sarcasm -Very competitive

  • Jordan Sanders (RoboJordan)

    -Fetch of [[:jordan | Jordan ]] -Good artist, preferred medium is Charcoal -Has a mortal girlfriend named [[:janie | Janie ]] -Known to be able to step between shadows -Nicknamed Robojordon due to him both being built by the fae (being a fetch) and …

  • Chase

    -Boyfriend of [[:zee | Zee]] -Apparently drank bleach 2 years ago to avoid be stuck in oakwood for 2 more years. Unexpected results.

  • Janie Caldwell

    -Very talented painter -Known for extensive use of bright, saturated colors in her artwork -Currently dating [[:robojordan |RoboJordan]]