Jordan Sanders (RoboJordan)


Spooky: Fetch
Age: 17
Height: 5’3"
Build: Scrawny and less athletic than his changeling counterpart.
Hair: Black, straight
Clothing: Skinny jeans and t-shirts, mostly with band logos or hipster-artsy images
Notable Features: tends to have dark circles under his eyes, even when presumably well-rested


-Fetch of Jordan
-Good artist, preferred medium is Charcoal
-Has a mortal girlfriend named Janie
-Known to be able to step between shadows
-Nicknamed Robojordon due to him both being built by the fae (being a fetch) and the lack of emotions he showed due to the large dosage of prozac and xanax he had been on when the party originally met him.

Jordan Sanders (RoboJordan)

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