Olivia Lung

Tax Dragon, and Utterly Curious Compulsive Gambler


Spoopy: Dragon
Age: 16, turning 17 in the Winter.
Height: 1.59m, or a little over 5’2’’
Build: Thin
Hair: Straight, black, shaved on the left side, and unevenly long on the right. Depending on her access to hair styling implements or specialists, the left half can often be seen in a state of awkward growth.
Clothing: Most of her rather pricey wardrobe has since been manually distressed with varying degrees of aesthetic success. This includes turtlenecks and jumpers with torn-off sleeves, jeans that have been mauled with scissors, and ill-fitted flannels shirts (which, admittedly, she looks utterly ridiculous in). Also rocks a mean skirt—because someone in SPOOP has to—paired often with tights to allow her to remain mobile during SPOOP’s daring missions. During New York’s more chilling weather, she has an array of visibly expensive petticoats and macintoshes.
Notable Features: Although keenly observant and capable of recognizing very minute changes in body language, Olivia is herself rather socially inept. Between trying to fit in and exploring aspects of her own identity, she’s often too keen to reflect her interpretation of the people she encounters back at them. While certainly not an athletic person, Olivia is rather quick on her feet—something she attributes to ballet lessons forced upon her early in life. It’s not uncommon to see Olivia nose-deep inside a book, or idly practicing her card techniques one-handed.


Cantonese-American teenager who previously lived with both parents. She’s the youngest of four siblings, both of which are currently working on their careers in the States, Europe, and Asia. While her parents together maintained a successful accounting firm, managed stock portfolios for international investors, and held business interests in Hong Kong, her father was also closely associated to the 14K Triad. Mr. Lung’s shrewd focus on money management and his apparent interest in gambling had a significant effect on Olivia’s upbringing and interests.

In late October 2015, her father and mother both fled the United States to avoid an FBI investigation which culminated in almost a dozen arrests. Olivia ended up as a ward of the state while Mr. Lung’s American businesses and assets were seized or frozen. Now, her parents once more reign alongside the criminal elite in their native Hong Kong. Due to surveillance, communication between Olivia and her parents is rare and convoluted. Financially, Olivia is rather isolated from her parents, but is able to receive small bitcoin transactions through her siblings—this account grows and shrinks on a daily basis with the changing tide of her luck.

Olivia is exceptionally skilled in the studies of mathematics and statistics, especially with a mind towards manipulating games of chances. While initially a loner in Oakwood who preferred to remain absorbed in her studies, she was eventually introduced to SPOOP and found herself absorbed in their daring escapades. She’s since developed a fascination towards the occult and finds herself questioning her own identity as she is introduced to strange people and even stranger lifestyles.

Notable Recent Events:
-Willingly spent almost two weeks in the custody of Desdemona, Cinder, and Stitches due to an intense fascination in Desdemona’s dragon-y condition. The time spent has already made her rather comfortable in the Hedge, and provided passing familiarity with its customs, traditions, and plant/animal life.
-Visited an underground Poker game hosted by Jessica.

Olivia Lung

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