Michael Teague Hallman


Spooky: Mage
Path: Obrimos
Nimbus: A tiger made of blue flames, a feeling of power
Age: 17
Height: 6’ 0"
Build: Lean
Hair: Straight medium length brown hair, textured with short sides
Clothing: Varies
Usually he wears a T-shirt, slightly worn denim or leather jacket,
jeans and sneakers. He’ll also wear a messenger bag or backpack
Notable Features:
Wears a bracelet made out of a blue fire the same color as his nimbus. Looks normal to regular human sight.


-Mother abandoned him at his aunt’s place when he was 12, never knew his father.
-Aunt turned him out on the street when he was 13 where he made his money by being a drug runner during the intervening 4 years.
-Brought in for breaking curfew when he was 17 and was sent to Oakwood while his Aunt was taken in for criminal negligence.

Michael Teague Hallman

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