Lesbian Fury part 2


Spooky: Changeling
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Ifrit
Age: early 20s
Height: 7’
Build: Lithe and Wiry
Hair: Ginger, in her human mask. Ginger with streaks of vermilion and crimson in her fae mien. Short and usually spiked up.
Clothing: Ripped jeans and combat boots. A sort of toned-down punk aesthetic. Less hints of “biker” than Desdemona.
Notable Features: A tendency to burst into flame when angered. Large horns that start near her forehead and swoop back to stick out behind her head. A thin, whip-like tail with a spade tip. A series of tattoo-like patterns along her arms (and presumably other areas) that glow and pulse as though lit from below by dancing flames.


-Don’t call her Cindy


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